statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

Concrete/visual poetry. 1950’s and the next decades. And the early internet, for me, about 1996. Those two events combined influenced my creative work. The roots and the experiment. The tradition and its further development.

While the mentioned tradition was mostly based on paper and typewriter, computer and the related network was in my creative cradle. The roots were deep (including the historical avant-garde and later conceptual art). The tips of the branches of the tree growing from it were undefined. The generative, the interactive of poetry grow from there, in my case.

With roots having roots, with growing into the unknown, the beautiful time of experiment happened. So, there, the on-line poetic work happened. Visual, contextual, generative, interactive.

Language based but also outside of the semantics alone. Readable trough hidden, implicitly present layers of cultural context. And the role of the interaction, to all that.

The invention of new reading, not by words alone, also trough the context and through the media and its specifics.

It is here that as a poet I based my on-line, interactive/generative expression.

And, to that, many other creative approaches were developed in the same environment.

As it goes for poetry, I practised programmable approach. Many other approaches provided beauty to this world. I hope my approach contributed some beauty, and the changeable poems of mine might provide some beauty or interest in your life.

And do reload the page, as it goes with the generative visual poems, they will stay true to themself, and change. Change with any and all reloads. Newer to be seen again in the same way.

project description:

Interaktivalij‘ combines poetry, visual poetry, art and web programming.

Each e-poem is slightly different at each view.

Each e-poem:

  • has slightly variable structure;
  • at each view the structure gets filled by generative process involving visual structures made out of (unicode) typography and, perhaps, a text.

E-poetry collection ‘Interaktivalij‘ is named by Interaktivalij, a virutal character first appeared in 1997 in the work of the same author, Interaktivalija — first Slovene collection of intaractive web poetry. Out of the 1990s internet of the utopian freedom, after 20 years the character found itself in internet where all flow of information is heavily supervised, censored and monetised.
(‘Interaktivalij‘, as name, in Slovene language, refers to a person doing interaction.)

source: Interaktivalija project information