jan Ewa

statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

My work is pretty deeply influenced and indebted to the avant-garde visual and poetic arts practices of the 20th century, specific in terms of fields like Dada and Fluxus which view the textual space as a kind of canvas which can be visual and aesthetically manipulated towards one’s own personal reimagining of the world. This project is also deeply influenced by comix and the inherently experimental artists who created, codified and exploded a new medium over the past century+.

project: panel experiment

project description:

I put together my pieces almost entirely in microsoft word, with the assistance of a drawing pad, and the occasional help of programs like autodesk sketchbook, GIMP, and MS paint. Microsoft word is actually a really surprisingly robust tool for spatially arranging text in a canvas-like way. A big part of my process is finding public domain images and editing/redeploying them into my work along with the text + visual components generated in Word.