statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

i think that every artistic work is built on prior ideas and practices. in my case, the references are obvious: the text material is based on Raoul Hausmann’s famous letter poem „fmsbw“. the visual realization uses early ideas of computer art. together with the sound and the programming they make up the project.

project: mandelsoundpoetry

project description:

for this project i used html/css and javascript code from Jordan Scales and converted it to an interactive sound poem. it combines the mathematical ideas of fractal geometry with interactive sound poetry.

as a child i sat for hours in front of my brother’s home computer and watched the ever-increasing number of color dots on the screen until they became the iconic shape of the mandelbrot set.

based on code by jordan scales
note: best experience in chrome / firefox - you have to clear browser cache several times :).