Luscious Dick

statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

For me, historically (as much as the phrase “history” can be applied), avant-garde practice is about the technology available. This technology, the most advanced available, is used in ways that prevent its best use. Best use meaning what the technology was refined to do.

This is not only about writing. Musical, that is, sound avant-garde performance uses instrument modification, recording equipment modification, and even recorded material modification.

This is combined with a reduction of the object itself being created to a more simplistic state. Sound poetry of all types, dadaism, et al. rely on simple deconstructed sounds to combine into a new cohesion. They can sound primitive, childish, or even nonsensical, but regardless the object is simplicity. The complexity comes from the combination and transmission of the art.

How does this inform my processs?

In the active, conscious sense, I use it in reverse. In ‘glitch’ art, for instance, the artist incorporates technological errors, degredation, and similar arteefacts of data storage and playback into the work. A human created something, then the (for example) video-tape machine has a slight error to cause momentary shadowing and discoloration The computer affects the person. What I do is the opposite. The programs create a text and a form for the text, and I “edit” those and then they are combined. In that sense, we exchange roles.

In another sense, avant-garde practices present but not something I actively consider. I do use advanced technologies to create sentences and draw lines. I do use simplistic thought in text presented in a way to create unintelligible communication. Or at least apparently unintelligible. It is a communication stripped of context, which is another function of the avant-garde: to remove as much context as possible while still communicating an emotion regardless of how understandable it will be to the consumer.

The process I use is one of binary extremes. Computer vs human, simplicity vs hypercomplexity, clear vs blurry, readable vs understandable.

project description:

The final work is a combination of text and algorithm. The placement of the text is not generated based on the theme of the text.
The visuals are made by creating a form that the text is applied to.

A simple example would be using a L-system and then have the program draw the form using text rather than lines. I use many variants of algorithms, not only L-systems.

Specifically I look at the results of the text generation, and edit that; I look at the results of the form generation, and edit that. Then I have the computer re-draw the edited form with the edited text.

text: a forced entry // raw material

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project: sit remnant of an immemorial civilization

project description:

see project description “a forced entry” …

text: sit remnant of an immemorial civilization // raw material

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project: gauche nonentities

project description:

see project description “a forced entry” …

text: gauche nonentities // raw material

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