statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

Avant-garde practices play a major role for me when dealing with text. Due to the increasing influence of text-generating algorithms and digital influences, questions about the levels of meaning of text and art are being to be set again. To work with avant-garde practices (no matter if analog or digital) is therefore more relevant today than ever.

project: Siglinde

project description:

Siglinde is a digital muse that outputs a random word of a certain part of speech at the push of a button. A simple word generator designed to inspire and encourage text play.

Siglinde is implemented using a Python script via Jupyter notebook. The code of Siglinde uses manually created word lists for individual parts of speech.

project: Ubuweb summary

project description: Ubuweb summary // gallery

Ubuweb was founded in 1996 by Kenneth Goldsmith. This is where avant-garde material is collected online and made publicly available. The Ubuweb summary uses the factual information for structuring the website (HTML code) as material and outputs random components at the push of a button.

Ubuweb summary is implemented using a Python script via Jupyter notebook. Ubuweb summary uses the URL code of Ubuweb website. These codes use the GUI Toolkit Tk as visualization tool.