statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

Who or what goes or went at the front, at first and since, when and where to, with whom and why … If this all is still recalcitrant, it’s a complex context, it’s a transgression/transcription of synchronicity/provisional precursor, that doesn’t get off itself to believe in human/made possibilities, upheavals, progressions, change processes and try to make humanity believe in it, too. To have collective antecedents and belong to them. To take only the community from the military relation and not the war. The artistic field, the community arts. My relationship with the avantgarde is stumbling, but this is also a movement forward.


project description:

Resound (Sound Art, Video, 3 min)

The video sounds out scripture as a moving image, as a acoustic signature of a language based mulitperspectivity on the myth of Echo. The text becomes a text-sound-work as a video with sound and shows the context of language on the base of the visual, the aural and the myhological narrative.