statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

Manifests are written using a combative rhetoric that looks for a revolutionary effect. This manifesto is built on avantgarde strategies such as word collage and found and aleatoric phrases. We can also find here the situationist concept of “dérive”. My avatar wanders through Second Life scenarios where it finds another characters and settings that are also found and aleatoric. In this piece, I am strongly influenced by Tristan Tzara´s idea of anti-manifesto manifesto. In the Dada Manifesto from 1918, he writes: “I write a manifesto and I want nothing, yet I say certain things, and in principle I am against manifestos, as I am also against principles.” This piece is based on the Dadaist notion of continuous contradiction.

project: A Deconstructive Theory of Syntax (Poetic Manifesto)

project description:

A Deconstructive Theory of Syntax” is a Second Life performance in which my avatar recites a poetic manifesto. Carrying a placard and a megaphone, the avatar goes through different Second Life public spaces, meeting other users of the metaverse while reciting its declarations. This piece is a video documentation of the performance.

text: A Deconstructive Theory of Syntax - manifesto

Syntax is the sequencing of subject, verb, and object,

of object, verb, subject,

of verb, subject, object.

Syntax is a branch of biology, it is a taxonomical device, it is the hegemonic word order.

It all began with Dionysius Thrax, a pupil of Aristarchus of Samothrace.

But there was another pupil of Aristarchus of Samothrace.

He was more of antitax and paratax

And he practiced the antimetaphorical resistance.

And he always stood against the order theory and the cartesian linguistics

And he always praised stochastic grammar and selective democracy.

So, I´m here to urge you

join the epistemologic rebellion

join the static ontology and the cultural desublimation

join the intransitive dissemination and the hypergrammatology

join the schizofrenic phonetics, the machinic semantics, the illegal pragmatics

join the panchakarmic conspiracy and the dislocated insurrection

Let me tell you:

Rebel against the donkey anaphora and the fake etymology

Rebel against the axiomatic identities and the material existence of ideology

These are the ideological conditions of reproduction of the relations of production

This is the spiritual anarchism

This is the experimental faith

I am going to say it because you have to hear it:

Lorem ipsum, Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum, Lorem ipsum

Beware of the agnosia, the asemia, the asymbolia

The aphasia, schizophasia, logorrea and paraphasia

Beware of the aprosodia

We must end it and we must end it now.

Against the Symbolic Order of the “big Other” and the ayurvedic microbiology

Against the Metasyntactic variables and the extra-linguistic restrictions

Because we remain in the zero state of intensity

Because we live immersed in the eternal commodity fetishism

Because eternal commodity we immersed the fetishism live

Because in the end, that is what this is about.

video: A Deconstructive Theory of Syntax (Poetic Manifesto) (A)