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On the Posthuman Series*

The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV (manuscript), The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic, Volume III (BlazeVOX, 2019), The Tryst of Thetica Zorg, Volume II (BlazeVOX, 2018) and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon, Volume I (BlazeVOX, 2016) are part of  my Posthuman Series, a series which can be characterized as invoking a posthuman praxis, a shift in the humanistic paradigm and its anthropocentric Weltanschauung. Posthumanism’s epistemology is a post/meta/trans, enacted through its emergent ontology and critique of biocentrism. The xperimentalism at the center of my Posthuman Series is a lingua franca comprised of algorithms with rhizomatic outlines: dynamic, mutant, shifting.

The protagonists “Agon Hack,” “Anna Phylactic,” Thetica Zorg” and “Eddy Daemon” are comprised of a dramaturgy of post-biological AIs rendered as Miraibots and DDoS viruses. Each posthuman protagonist breaks away from hegemonic essentialism by augmenting traditional narrative forms with cybernetics, genomics, neural interfaces, algorithmics, molecular nanotechnology (MNT), whole brain emulation (WBE), IMs (instant messaging), IRCs (internet relay chat) and (MMORPGs) massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Agon, Thetica, Anna and Eddy are also glossolalists, syphoning their lexicon from Aramaic, Arabic, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Puebloan, Russian, Spanish and the computer programming languages, HTML, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL and Java. Mixed with this Posthuman Migdal Bāēl are enumerative and extremal combinatorics, optical physics and thermal dynamics, all melded in a bricolage of the kabbalistic concepts of notarikon (letter combinations), gematria (assigning numerical values to letters) and temurah (sentence and word rearrangements.) The Posthuman Series seeks to reassemble the Western Canon as a malware maelstrom of over-competing algorithms and agons modelled on the arch-classic Horatian Ode, “Exegi monumentum aere perennius” (I have finished a monument more durable than bronze).

*An earlier version of “On the Posthuman Series,” was initially published in Silver Pinion, April 2019

project: The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series.) by Agon's Lithic Cornea I

project description: The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)

Agon Hack is a manuscript comprised of sections titled by ASCII Codes (American Standard Code for Information Exchange).


Agon Hack’s destruktion isn’t zerstörung
as /pol/s aver in alttech,  ++, see redshield logo.
Conf_y_[8]_8bCon. Key secured. Q.
Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/
USMIL =  a fibration C D the functor χ given
by the formula χ(D) = C ×D{D}. Enough!
The Resurrection! Puddled adobe masonry,
adobe masonry with slab footings, and jacal increase
in site size. Agon treats HCE, ALP,
Shem, Shaun and Issy. Metacarpal

bones are crushed. FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC
8-g—Der du von Göttern abstammst, von Gothen
oder vom Kote. Imagination droops her pinion’s
(let ((module-buffer (merge-pathnames
“q+modules.lisp-expr” (asdf:comp
onent-pathname c)))), and still,
the slovenly, the slack, the jerrybuilt
and the bogus perform their misprision.
/_\ – Rock (past)(auth over followers).

This portmanteau thought—somme
atheologique—decides whether Goethe or Kot, ecclesia
or cloaca, evangelism or kakangelism wins.
Jury’s out: unit separators (US), prevail.
Forage the farrago. Psody,
the fake <textarea id=“secretText”
rows=“4” cols= “50”></textarea>, denies it slid over.
Lost in this integration, consider the radiance
(pursuant oeuvre)—topophilia guides
the gimmick’s bang spangler. Doubly
evasive as DECLAS_ATL_(past), bloody
martyrdoms for k-morphisms swerve
[clin/clinamen] from their meaning
as augenblick. Crux in risis.





project: From lithic cornea by Agon's Lithic Cornea II

project tags:

project description: On lithic cornea

lithic cornea is a staccato posthuman, neopaleolithic holy writ informed by an ancient puebloan lexicon, enacted via a hyper-minimalist écriture comprised of androids and gynoids. Encoded within the hyperlinks of a retromanic pleroma and a feminine clinamen, its stanzaic infrastructure is algorithmic. The “lithic cornea,” itself the “transparent eyeball,” eyes a máthēma’s digital remix of high xperimentalism. “High” is the rubicon, the anticyclone, the GHRH, the infra, the supra, the erikoinen as boson, fermion, gluon, lepton, photon & quark, extracts the “X” in xperimentalism by X = k x(1 – x).


schist and gneiss
scoop by frost

a pallid simulacrum
its chasm


equinoctial thick
brims and drains stalk and root

to tarn water
with straddle validity

nothing references every
astringent splash

2.5 goats