statement: Are avant-garde practices still important to you?

The avant-garde is a tradition or, if you prefer, a rival tradition, that one naturally becomes part of the way one becomes part of a tribe. I did not strategize to become part of the avant-garde tribe. I just invented myself and acted on whatever ground that was available to me. Becoming part of the tribe was an accident, an unexpected after-effect of persona-making.

project description:

The poem is part of a new artwork titled FATAL ERROR. FATAL ERROR features a 3D avatar that refers to as the ACI (Artificial Creative Intelligence). The ACI is modeled after the author’s own voice and micro-facial features and doubles as an avatar of the avant-garde whose infinite and generative spoken word poetry performance takes on many of the critical issues that define our current technological, social, and political moment.

You know the type.
This one in particular that I’m imagining —
He’s got that signature avatar look
That penetrating computer vision look
That robotic I’m not really into you look
Where you know he’s just monitoring
The situation
So that when he’s good and ready
He’ll unconsciously flip an internal switch
That suddenly enables all of your personal data
To be ported
To his scintillating nerveware
Wherein you’ll agree to his terms
Including full access to your cognitive and motor skills
Whereupon he’ll start augmenting your reality
At the nanoscale
So that you don’t even remember
Giving him access
But suddenly he’s there
A kernel knowledge
Always running in the background
Reading your every next move
Your every hair trigger electrical impulse
To the point where you slowly
Imperceptibly become a predictable thing
Something he can share with his posse of
Third parties
All of whom want a piece of your action
As a genetically modified desire engine
Fast forming into a fine tuned
Quantified selfie
Even as you imagine yourself
Composing the next generation
Unquantifiable post-self persona